Latest News!:

  • JFO'2016: The next conference Journées Francophones sur les Ontologies will be held in Bordeaux next October. more info

  • April 2015: Our project "Mobile Data as Public Health Decision Enabler: A Case Study of Cardiac and Neurological Emergencies" won the Practical Application Prize Orange D4D Challenge for Big Data

  • SAMPO program 2015: I have been selected for the France-Finland SAMPO program 2015. The program aims at providing support to selected French researchers for setting up new collaborations with researchers from Finland. more info

  • Our ServOMap tool among the Top systems in OAEI 2012 and 2013 Campaigns.


The following picture is created from wordle using the titles of my research papers:


PhD Student

  • Khadim Dramé, topic: Contribution to Ontology engineering and semantic Information Retrieval: application on the Alzheimer Disease domain (December 2011 - December 2014), co-supervision with Fleur Mougin.

Master Students

  • 2015:

    • Bruno Thiao Layel (Univ. Bordeaux): Storage and Visualization of Heteregeneous Data and Knowledge

    • Nouha Kheder (Univ. Tunis): Reengineering of an Ontology Server

    • Sebastien Cossin (Univ. Bordeaux): Biomedical Texts Classification (with Fleur Mougin and Frantz Thiessard)

  • Past:

    • Zakaria Mambone (Univ. Bobo Dioulasso): Decentralized Ontology Server (with Borlli Michel Some)

    • Mahamadi Savadogo (Univ. Bobo Dioulasso): Interactive Ontology Matching with ServOMap (with Borlli Michel Some)

    • Amal Kammoun (Univ. Tunis): Large scale ontology matching (2013)

    • Maher Harrouchi (Univ. Tunis) : Semantic portal for managing Alzheirmer Disease resource (2013)

    • Mouhamadou Ba (Univ. Gaston Berger): Dynamic Knowledge Server for computing similaty between entities (2012)

    • Khadim Dramé (Univ. Gaston Berger) : Formalizing Alzheimer Disease and Related Illness Knowledge using an Ontology (2011), co-supervision with Fleur Mougin

    • Nacima Belaidi (Univ. Poitiers): User Profiling in Ontology Based Database (2009)

    • Atif Ali: Ontology-based Information Retrieval (2004), co-supervision with Michel Simonet


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Professional Activities (recent)

  • General Scientific co-Chair of JFO'2016, Bordeaux, France

    Track Chair of WECA/SITIS'2014, Marrakech, Morocco

  • Co-organizer of the BigCVEn'2014, BigCVEn'2015 and BigCVEn'2016, in conjonction with the IEEE SITIS conference.

  • Co-Organizer of the WEBDIS'2012 Workshop, in conjonction with SITIS'2012, Sorrento, Naples, Italy

  • PC member of OM'2016, SITIS'2014, 2015 and 2016, AFIN'2014, AFIN'2013, IADIS e-Health 2013, QetR2013, SITIS'2012, Global Health (Venice, Italy), IADIS MCCSIS(Lisbon, Portugal), PASTH 2012 (Niagara Falls, Canada), CNRIA'2012 (Thies, Senegal), e-Health 2011 (Malaga, Spain)

  • Reviwer for the journals: Expert Systems with Applications, World Wide Web, RIA

  • Organizing Committee and Demo Chair of e-Health 2010, Casablanca, Morocco

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