Latest News!

  • October 2017: Our Kepler ontology matching system performed among the best system for crosslingual ontoloy matching at OAEI2017 (Top system for same ontologies in different languages)

  • July 2017: Guest Editor with F. Mougin of the forthcoming Journal of Data Semantics Special Issue on JFO 2016: Sixth French-Speaking Conference on Ontologies

  • May 2017: Invited Keynote Speaker for the 4th International Symposium "Perspectives on ICT for Development (ICT4D)", 18 May 2017 - Vrije University, Amsterdam

  • April 2017: Invited Speaker for the first Tuniso-Algerian Doctoral Symposium In Computer Science - TADSCS'2017. Topic: Setting up multidisciplinary demand-centric projects in the healthcare domain.

  • January 2017: The MIAM project (2017-2020) - Diseases, Food/Drug Interaction, a French ANR funded project started.

Past News:

  • JFO'2016: The next conference Journées Francophones sur les Ontologies will be held in Bordeaux next October. more info

  • April 2015: Our project "Mobile Data as Public Health Decision Enabler: A Case Study of Cardiac and Neurological Emergencies" won the Practical Application Prize Orange D4D Challenge for Big Data

  • SAMPO program 2015: I have been selected for the France-Finland SAMPO program 2015. The program aims at providing support to selected French researchers for setting up new collaborations with researchers from Finland. more info

  • Our ServOMap tool among the Top systems in OAEI 2012, 2013 and 2015 Campaigns.


Data Integration and Management

The following picture is created from wordle using the titles of my research papers (as of 2015):


Past PhD Student

  • Jean-Noël Nikiema: Integration of heterogenous biomedical Knowledge through the use of support ontologies
  • Khadim Dramé, topic: Contribution to Ontology engineering and semantic Information Retrieval: application on the Alzheimer Disease domain (December 2011 - December 2014), co-supervision with Fleur Mougin.
  • Master Students


      • Zakaria Teguera (Univ. Bobo Dioulasso): Semantic Information Retrieval in Traditional Medicine

      • Thierry Somé (Univ. Bobo Dioulasso): Structural matching in the context of the ServOMap system


      • David Myers (Univ. Bordeaux): EHVA Data Integration and Management


      • Bruno Thiao Layel (Univ. Bordeaux): Storage and Visualization of Heteregeneous Data and Knowledge

      • Nouha Kheder (Univ. Tunis): Reengineering of an Ontology Server

      • Sebastien Cossin (Univ. Bordeaux): Biomedical Texts Classification (with Fleur Mougin and Frantz Thiessard)

    • Past:

      • Zakaria Mambone (Univ. Bobo Dioulasso): Decentralized Ontology Server (with Borlli Michel Some)

      • Mahamadi Savadogo (Univ. Bobo Dioulasso): Interactive Ontology Matching with ServOMap (with Borlli Michel Some)

      • Amal Kammoun (Univ. Tunis): Large scale ontology matching (2013)

      • Maher Harrouchi (Univ. Tunis) : Semantic portal for managing Alzheirmer Disease resource (2013)

      • Mouhamadou Ba (Univ. Gaston Berger): Dynamic Knowledge Server for computing similaty between entities (2012)

      • Khadim Dramé (Univ. Gaston Berger) : Formalizing Alzheimer Disease and Related Illness Knowledge using an Ontology (2011), co-supervision with Fleur Mougin

      • Nacima Belaidi (Univ. Poitiers): User Profiling in Ontology Based Database (2009)

      • Atif Ali: Ontology-based Information Retrieval (2004), co-supervision with Michel Simonet


    Professional Activities (recent)

    • General Scientific co-Chair of JFO'2016, Bordeaux, France

      Track Chair of WECA/SITIS'2014, Marrakech, Morocco

    • Co-organizer of the BigCVEn'2014, BigCVEn'2015 and BigCVEn'2016, in conjonction with the IEEE SITIS conference.

    • Co-Organizer of the WEBDIS'2012 Workshop, in conjonction with SITIS'2012, Sorrento, Naples, Italy

    • PC member of OM'2016, SITIS'2014, 2015 and 2016, AFIN'2014, AFIN'2013, IADIS e-Health 2013, QetR2013, SITIS'2012, Global Health (Venice, Italy), IADIS MCCSIS(Lisbon, Portugal), PASTH 2012 (Niagara Falls, Canada), CNRIA'2012 (Thies, Senegal), e-Health 2011 (Malaga, Spain)

    • Reviwer for the journals: Expert Systems with Applications, World Wide Web, RIA

    • Organizing Committee and Demo Chair of e-Health 2010, Casablanca, Morocco

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